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Fruits and vegetables can help Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a debilitating disease. Natural treatments can boost your body’s physiological mechanisms to cope with a damaged thyroid.

Natural treatments for thyroid can increase thyroid hormone production as well as increase the thyroid hormones’ efficacy. Natural cures for hypothyroidism include changing your diet to include fruits and vegetables which have been known to affect the thyroid positively. If you have hypothyroidism, it is helpful to increase your intake of oatmeal, banana, potato, spinach, beetroot, kelp, radish, fish and consuming lots of water.

There are also foods which are known to affect the thyroid negatively such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet potato, maize, fats, sugars, red meat, eggs, and even caffeine.

Aside from a healthy diet, hypothyroidism can also be treated with the natural supplements which can help your thyroid produce more hormones and regulate these hormones. When these hormones are available in normal levels in the body, your metabolism will increase, as well as feelings of sluggishness and being constantly tired will disappear.

hi im iridaeza, im 23 and

hi im iridaeza, im 23 and have hypothyroidism since i was 16. ive found a lot of help online for foods, but its still real hard to get good info. i have not found a complete replacement for synthroid, which is my thyroid medication, because of what it does for my digestion and my mood.

but i do know that ... spinach is no good for an under active thyroid because it blocks the absorption of iodine. eggs are excellent for it because of the protein. only oatmeal that is gluten free is good, gluten is terrible to consume if you have an under active thyroid.

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