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Yogurt for Vaginal Itching

turkic yogurt vendors
Turkic yogurt vendors, ca. 1860

Yogurt is a dairy product made by using bacteria to ferment milk. Yogurt can be effective for treating yeast infections. A 1992 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that yogurt, taken orally, can decrease a person's risk of developing a yeast infection threefold. Studies have also shown that yogurt can help women to recover from vaginal infections that are caused by bacteria.

Yogurt remedy for vaginal itching


  • To take yogurt orally, eat it several times per day. Make sure that the yogurt you choose to use has a label noting that it contains live active cultures.
  • To take yogurt vaginally, soak a tampon in a container of plain unflavored yogurt. Then insert the tampon into the vagina at bedtime. Remove in the morning. If possible, repeat several times a day. If you use a yogurt-soaked tampon during the day, however, you may want to use a sanitary pad at the same time, as the yogurt will gradually be discharged. Alternatively, you may be able to find lactobacillus acidophilus tablets that can be used vaginally. Lactobacillus acidophilus is the bacteria found in yogurt.

Why It Works

The body contains many different kinds of bacteria, many of which are beneficial, and some of which are harmful. Lactobacilli normally live in the vagina and intestines, but sometimes colonies of lactobacilli in the body are damaged when people take antibiotics. Eating yogurt can help to build up the numbers of lactobacilli in the body. Lactobacillus acidophilus, the bacteria in most kinds of yogurt, has been shown in clinical trials to produce antimicrobial substances that kill some strains of harmful bacteria. By increasing the numbers of helpful bacteria while killing harmful bacteria, yogurt is thought to help bring the body's colonies of bacteria back into a more natural balance.


If you are lactose intolerant, you should not take yogurt made from cow's milk. However, you may be able to use yogurt made from goat's milk or soy milk. Some people develop abdominal discomfort after eating yogurt (possibly related to lactose intolerance), and a few women have reported vaginal burning after using yogurt vaginally. People who have artificial heart valves, intestinal damage, or who are recovering from recent bowel surgery should not use yogurt. People with weakened immune systems (for example, while being treated for cancer or an organ replacement, or because of HIV) should avoid yogurt as well.

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