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Colloidal Silver for Pneumonia

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Colloidal silver is a solution of microscopic particles of silver suspended in a liquid, generally purified water. Claims have been made about its effectiveness in treating many ailments; some distributors even tout it as a cure-all. These claims are false - colloidal silver is dangerous for human ingestion.

Colloidal Silver in the Treatment of Pneumonia


  • Colloidal silver may be taken in liquid form, by the teaspoon or tablespoon, or it may be inhaled by use of a nebulizer.

Why It Works

Most proponents of colloidal silver argue that silver is an antibiotic, able to kill hundreds of disease-causing microorganisms by disabling an enzyme they require for life. Others claim that a deficiency in silver causes disease, and taking colloidal silver cures this deficiency, thereby curing the disease. HOWEVER, traditional medicine regards ingesting silver as ineffective at best, poisonous at worst. Furthermore, silver is not a mineral required by the human body, so deficiencies in silver do not exist.


There has been no scientific research showing the efficacy of drinking or inhaling colloidal silver, and there have been several reports of health problems related to this practice. One risk is argyria, an irreversible condition occurring when too much silver is taken into the body, building up in skin and other tissues, and turning the skin, nails, and gums a bluish-gray. Larger doses have been shown to cause neurological problems and organ damage. Do not take colloidal silver if you are allergic to silver.

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