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my boyfriend has some really nasty gas and it smells so bad i feel like i want to puke pleaseeeeeeee help me me get rid of his bad smelling gas so i can sleep in the same bed and not want to puke by his bad gas

im no expert but there are

im no expert but there are time evry once in a while i have the same problem.. if he drinks a lot of gassy foods and drinks a lot of gassy drinks hes going to produce a very gassy gas! it smells like sewer water at times! if so tell his to lay off or to take some beano before he eats any meals!!..

For years I wondered why a

For years I wondered why a restaurateur would waste money on a little sprig of greenery to place on the side of our dinner plates. As my innate nature took over, one of my first words as a child was a question. Why?
So ask I did, many, many times over. What is this? How does this work? Well, I was blessed by having elders in my family who always tried their best to give me a factual and truthful answer. If I could ask the question, I must be ready for the answer, so an answer they would provide.

It seems you see that the mysterious green sprigs were Parsley. I have even seen Mint used in different parts of the country. Why do we need this since we don’t eat it? I was instructed and have since researched the matter further. They did tell me the truth it seems. As the entire truth has to do with royalty and fanciness, I will just hit the helpful facts here.

Parsley and Mint in their raw forms are not only a natural breath freshener and a sprig to use as a toothpick. They both have anti-flatulent (gas) properties and help settle the stomach. Peppermint is known to do the same thing.

So, I guess when you feed him next; include some Parsley, Mint or Peppermint. Otherwise tell him to enjoy the couch and to not hide your head under the covers for a laugh. What ever you do, do not light it with a match; it does burn. Figure out a way to make your car run on it and you not only have a boyfriend but a fuel source.
By all means, keep me posted on your explosive situation and your solutions for it.

Please have a look around at some of the other info here. We have tons. Add some solutions of your own if you like.

Best of Luck to Both of You!

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