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there are rashes and itchings near my urinary area

please help me out with this

please help me out with this problem

there are rashes and itchings

there are rashes and itchings near my urinary area

please tell me the home

please tell me the home remedies for rashes and itchings


It could be alot of different

It could be alot of different things honestly. Where near your urinary is it? What type of rash, is it red, inflamed, are there bumps what size? Does burn or hurt when you pee? Are you sure it isn't a yeast infection, because that would be my first guess at downstairs itching. If it is't then I would highly suggest you go to the doctor, being as it could be and STD or a serious infection that you will need antibiotics for. Hope you find a cure.

Vaginitis, or any sort of

Vaginitis, or any sort of swelling, burning, pain, itchiness or redness of the vagina, can result from a bunch of things. Best is to see your practitioner, especially if you have a fever, intense itchiness, bleeding, or additional pain further up into the lower abdomen. Vaginitis is a lot of times a reaction to something or a drop in estrogen. (Yeast infections are also in this category but that is a subject by itself) Estrogen helps lubricate the vagina, so when it lessens it may leave you dry and itchy.
1. Use a lubricant - Nothing scented! Eggs are a good lubricant
2. Eat fat - the good fat, that is. Fish oil and seeds are tops. Non heated oils like olive and grape seed are also good.
3. Stay away from fragrances and douches!!!
4. Wear loose fitting, natural fiber clothing.
5. Wash with a mild soap - this goes for your undergarments also.
6. Take note of Condoms - it could be a new condom or spermicide that is causing an allergic reaction.
7. Lowering Caffeine - Caffeine lowers estrogen so try to cut back!
8. Drink - this will help fight dryness
9. Stay away from sugar - sugar has a drying effect and too much plays around with your hormones. (Plus, if it's a yeast infection, sugar will just feed the yeast.)
10. Relax - Any type of stress we women are under wheather it has to do with our relationship or not manifests itself sexually. Try some relaxation techniques, get a massage (they really work!), go shopping, hang out with friends or just take a bath!
If the stress has to do with your relationship, make sure to resolve it.

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