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What can I put on a cyst or boil to draw infection (pus) out of skin?

My Nanny the self educated

My Nanny the self educated “Dr.”, used to say that a boil was the result of poison in your body trying to get out. My Mother would frequently get them when she was younger. There may actually be some truth to this as sometimes the only way to finalize treatment is to been by your Healthcare Provider and begin a regimen of antibiotics.
Boils are one of the most painful and bothersome types of an outbreak in the skin. Although they seem like an over grown huge pimple, they are not. Boils are believed to be caused by a bacterium known as staphylococcus aureus or a Staph infection. This is a strain of bacteria that normally lives on the skin surface. A boil is similar to a huge manifestation of acne, a whitehead or a closed comedo. Boils can and do at times spread and be contagious. However; acne is not catching or usually doesn’t spread.
As much as you really, really want to; DO NOT SQUEEZE IT. This can cause infection to spread (under the skin) to other follicles or pores and I know you don’t want another one any time soon. However, we do want it to soften up and burst or open up, preferable naturally without lancing. Leave the lancing to the Dr.

A warm Epson salt compress – easily made by placing a light colored clean damp hand towel or washcloth in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute; depending on the strength of your microwave. If you don’t have a microwave then boil the towel or cloth on the stove on the solution till it’s as warm as you can stand it.
Next, place the compress over the affected area for 15 -20 minutes at a time; wash and pat dry afterward. Repeat as needed to assist in softening and draining the area. Keep in mind that those of us in healthcare like to see all of the nasty stuff that comes out. If you don’t have the stomach for that type of thing then please use a dark towel. You may also want to use a cotton ball soaked with witch hazel, or tea with lemon as an astringent. I’ve also heard of cutting a lemon in to quarters or halves, heat as above and place meaty area of the lemon over the area till it cools.
For this particular problem; if you are not sensitive or allergic to Sulfur obtain some from any where you can buy supplements or the pharmacist. Apply to area at least twice daily to kill bacteria.
Benzoyl Peroxide is another great way to help clean this up by preventing the pores from clogging. One type of bacteria found in the clogged pores is propionibacteria, known for causing acne like pustules only bigger in this case. These particular bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Benzoyl peroxide fills the pores with oxygen, cleaning out the bacteria. If used regularly it should help in preventing a reoccurrence. You can find it over the counter, just follow the directions; starting with the least potent preparation.
Don’t be to shy to ask the pharmacist for help, sometimes there are over the counter medications or substances kept behind the counter but available for the asking.

If this problem worsens, redness, red streaks appear, and the irritation is not relieved or it doesn’t begin to clear in 7 - 10 days; please contact your healthcare provider immediately for help.
Have a look around the site for other solutions that you might find helpful. While you are at it; add a few remedies of your own. We like to learn from each other ‘round here.
Thank you for the question and I hope the response is at least somewhat helpful.
Good Luck to you and please be cautious with this condition.

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