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My face is broke out very bad,its different than normal pimples i have lupus&r.a so my face breaks out in these swollen bumps that swell really big*they get infected and very red. they stay under the skin usually.Please help me the y hurt

I’m sorry you hurt so badly

I’m sorry you hurt so badly Mandy. It sounds like you may have boils instead of regular acne. With Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis this may be likely due to the decrease in your auto immune system and its inability to fight off infection. Unfortunately, Lupus and RA are autoimmune diseases and provide a great stress to our immune system. Please bring these areas to the attention of your Healthcare Provider or Rheumatologist.

In the meantime, let’s try to find some relief from that pain and maybe learn a little about your skin. First and foremost Mandy, please do not try to burst them or pick at the sores. This will only cause them to spread. A warm compress made with a hand towel and salt water should feel pretty good. Just soak a hand towel or wash cloth in some hot or warm (be careful not to burn) salt water. Wring it out; place it on the entire side of your face or the affected area. Just allow it to cool and repeat if you like. Follow with a toner of Witch Hazel on a cotton ball, repeat until the cotton ball stays clean. If you area able to obtain it, pure tea tree oil is said to be a fantastic anti-septic for the skin as well as moisturizer. I would finish with this.

Please keep your fluid intake adequate as fluid is your skins best friend. With your auto-immune status compromised your skin is your number one line of defense against infection. Although we don’t always think of it hat way, our skin is our largest living and most abused organ. Funny, we don’t usually think of it that way. The skin is pretty simple though only requiring:
• Cleanliness with the gentlest cleansers we can use.
• Moisturizers for strength and elasticity.
• Hydration by the fluids we introduce.
• A cover for breaks in the skin, after being cleaned with a gentle cleanser.

Now back to the proper fluid intake. As everyone has a different body type, I can’t advise you to drink so many glasses daily. We need to let your body tell us when you’ve reached enough. When you have consumed enough preservative, sugar, corn syrup and carbonation free liquid daily you will urinate clear urine. Then you’ve made it. I personally brew green tea just like I would regular tea and drink that daily, all day long; after my coffee fix of course.

Not only do the proper fluid levels assist in proper skin health and regeneration; it helps to remove and flush toxins from your (liver and kidneys) body as well. A much needed process we all need to maintain, especially when in the face of an auto-immune disorder.

I do hope we have been of some help to you Dear. Please have a look around the site. I answered a question not to long ago about RA. Add some remedies of your own; we love to learn from one another around here.

Good Luck in Good Health!

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