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my skin color has got darken as in past it was not and i too hav acne problem......

Please note that I am not a

Please note that I am not a physician and cannot diagnose nor treat any medical condition.

My first recommendation is that you check out our page here on that is dedicated to acne. There you can read about a variety of natural, at-home remedies to use for acne.

Next, I'm not 100% sure what can cause the skin to darken. This is a pretty non-specific complaint and I have no way of knowing if it is just due to extra sun exposure or something more serious. If it is concerning, I'd recommend getting it checked out by your regular healthcare professional.

Is the darkening localized to a particular area or is it all over? Do you have any other medical conditions or are you pregnant? Sometimes changes in skin pigmentation can occur with other disease like lupus or eczema, or with hormonal changes as in pregnancy or menopause. Again, best to get this examined by someone who can diagnose it and rule out any serious complications.

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