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i have a very bad toothache and i dont have the money to go to the denist. what can i do for now?

Please note that I am not a

Please note that I am not a physician nor dentist and cannot diagnose or treat any medical condition.

Any time you experience pain, it is a physiological symptom that something is wrong. It is generally not a good idea to ignore it.

A toothache could be caused by any number of reasons from infection, to nerve damage or tooth damage. If left untreated, you may risk losing a tooth, multiple teeth, or face bone infection in the jaw or sinuses. I'd recommend that you see a dentist or at least go to an urgent care center.

Think of it this way, if you delay the problem long enough it will most likely get worse requiring more extensive, and thus more expensive, treatmet. A course of antibiotics versus a root canal is quite a cost differential, not to mention the pain and suffering you are needlessly causing yourself.

Some people use clove oil for the short term if they have a dental problem on the weekend when the dentist is closed to get by. You can also use over-the-counter pain medications which may help even if they are not natural. Cold packs or heat packs may also decrease pain a little.

Bottom line, pain is not something to ignore. I recommend that you get your tooth seen as soon as possible.

I went through the pain of a

I went through the pain of a toothache, I used ground clove (the spice, you can get it in the spice section at a grocery store). Carefully apply some of this to the affected tooth. If you don't have this on hand, you can dip a Qtip into (vanilla, or almond, etc) extract, like you use for baking/cooking. Put this on the tooth, repeat as necessary. I have used both of these remedies (not at same time) and found relief. You will need to find a dentist before it turns even more serious. As far as getting to a dentist, call around, explain your financial situation, and see if any of them will work with you regarding payments, etc. I hope you feel better soon!

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