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Can dying your hair kill head lice, or will it work as a preventative measure? My two daughters have been fighting it and I am currently unsure if I have them.

There are a couple of ways to

There are a couple of ways to naturally rid the head of lice without use of chemicals. Honestly, I am unsure as to the effects of hair dye on lice. I don’t think I would do it just to try and kill them. If you are not concerned with toxins (contained in hair dyes as well) then you can buy over the counter solutions at just about any store. In either case you will need a special comb to remove the nits (eggs). This can be purchased at the same place you find the special shampoos for lice removal. Some removal products come in kits complete with comb, sprays for furniture and carpet, and complete instructions on proper elimination of these annoying critters and their eggs.

To naturally kill the adult lice mayonnaise and olive oil are probably your best bet. The hair and scalp must be completely saturated with either one or both. Covered for at least 2 – 5 hours in plastic, a snug shower cap works well. Leave the mixture on overnight. Shampoo in the morning, rinse with equal parts of vinegar and water to remove residue of mixture. You may then want to wash hair again. Caution with this procedure you will have to remove the nits to prevent them from hatching.

Regardless of the method you choose, you will need to do some serious follow up to prevent these guys from hatching all over again. I don’t know the ages of your daughters but you may want to restrict them from being around other infested children. Encourage the girls not to share combs, brushes and any other hair items. All stuffed animals and dolls with hair will need to be bagged and tied off to prevent air for at least two to three weeks. All other toys should be washed with hot water and dried. All bedding needs to be removed and washed in very hot water then dried in a very hot drier. Beds and furniture will need to be treated as well.

As for yourself, you will need to follow the same procedures if infested. You have your work cut out for you. Shorter hairstyles seem to have a less infestation rate. Use of hairspray is said to be helpful in preventing lice
once they are gone.

Don’t be hard on yourself or the girls; as this is a very common problem. Especially when school is in session or they attend day care. Speak with a teacher or school nurse to be sure they are aware there is a infestation. They will in turn have all of the kids checked. Remember that girls are touchier, feely; and will share everything they have. Whereas most boys are a bit more “don’t touch me” and could care less about fixing each others hair or what looks pretty. Discourage the girls from sharing anything; clothes included until you are sure even their friends are clear of the critters.

Good Luck to you.

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