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Home Remedies For Nail Fungus

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home remedies for nail fungus

Vick's predecessor Vick’s Vaporub was developed in the 1890s as a remedy for chest coughs, but since then it has developed a folk following and is used as a remedy for many dif…   Read More

home remedies for nail fungus

Tea tree Tea tree oil is an essential oil distilled from the leaves of the Australian tea tree. All essential oils can be used as antimicrobials. But tea tree oil has been scient…   Read More

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Visions of sauerkraut Probiotics are live bacteria that are similar to bacteria found in the human gastrointestinal tract. They are considered to be “good,” or “friendly," …   Read More

home remedies for nail fungus

Origanum vulgare Oil of oregano is an essential oil made from the leaves of oregano. In ancient Greece it was used to prevent food from spoiling and to relieve itchy rashes. Toda…   Read More

home remedies for nail fungus

Try it for feet Mouthwash is a traditional remedy for toenail fungus. Most people who use mouthwash to treat toenail fungus use the original amber Listerine. Listerine is a formu…   Read More

home remedies for nail fungus

Try vinegar for toejam Vinegar foot baths are a traditional remedy for toenail fungus, and apple cider vinegar, in particular, has a folk reputation for being a cure-all. Scienti…   Read More

home remedies for nail fungus

Apple Cider Vinegar Nail fungus is an unsightly and sometimes painful condition in which a fungus (generally either dermatophytes or yeast) infest the fingernail or toenail. The …   Read More


Nail Fungus Relief


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  • Tonenail fungus - one more to try
    My husband is currently growing out his toenail fungus. I was trying everything on him (vinegar, listerine, vicks, tea tree oil, etc.) and he was getting annoyed, especially ... Read Full Post
submit your own remedy for nail fungus

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nail fungus

What is nail fungus?

At the risk of being redundant, nail fungus (onychomyosis) is any fungus that grows under fingernails or toenails. There are different types of fungus that thrive under nails–causing symptoms such as yellowing, splitting and irregular nail growth–but the most common are dermatophytes. Nail fungus usually begins as a white or yellow spot under the nail and as it grows the infected nail can become yellow or black and might even fall off. Nail funghi are sometimes persistent and can be difficult to treat. And although nail fungus sounds like a minor (if unsightly) problem, they can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition and should therefore be taken seriously.


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