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home remedies for fever

Achillea millefolium Yarrow is a flowering plant in the daisy and chamomile family native to the northern hemisphere. In old times, yarrow was used primarily to stop bleeding fr…   Read More

home remedies for fever

Zingiber officinale Fever is the rising of the internal body temperature above the normal range, generally caused by the body’s immune response to a bacteria or virus. Often, …   Read More

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Cool down with water Fever is the rising of the internal body temperature above the normal range, generally caused by the body’s immune response to a bacteria or virus. Often,…   Read More

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Get more info on FluGo - Homeopathic remedy temporarily relieves symptoms of the flu or cold including cough; runny nose; fever; sore throat and fatigue

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  • Fever blister treaments
    Well most of us get them we hate them they hurt yes im talking Fever blisters. Im gonna say it its Herpes now before you get your bat out the basement, did you know that the v... Read Full Post
  • Home remedies for common fever
    Common fever may seem like a complete nuisance, but it’s actually a necessary evil. In fact it is our body’s attempt to rid itself of toxins. The best way to get rid of ... Read Full Post
  • Reducing Fever
    Before we discuss how to rid ourselves of a fever, we must first contend with the fact that fevers are generally deemed valuable to the body. They are the body's way of fighti... Read Full Post
  • Treating Your Fever Naturally
    We've all had a fever at least once. Many of us take fever reducing medication and just stay in bed until it passes. Despite the success of this method, many of us wishing fo... Read Full Post

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What is a fever?

A fever is your body's reaction to infection. Almost any type of viral or bacterial infection can produce a fever; some autoimmune and inflammatory disorder as well as other diseases may also produce a fever. Though a prolonged high fever (over 103° F) can be dangerous, having a fever is not necessarily a bad thing. It's unpleasant, but it's also a sign that your immune system is working to fight off infection. The most important thing in most cases of fever is to get plenty of rest. But there are other things that may help you get through a fever and you will find some of them here. Please remember that you should seek medical attention if you have a fever, especially if the fever is especially high, prolonged or recurring.

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