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Glycyrrhiza glabra Ever wonder why so many cough lozenges are flavored with licorice? It's because licorice root is a traditional remedy for a cough. It has been used worldwide …   Read More

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Allium sativum This is a tried and true remedy that is easily made from readily available ingredients. If you are easily intimidated by garlic, this is an opportunity to overcome…   Read More

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If this seems spurious, try it anyway. What do you have to lose? Chocolate as an remedy for cough London chocolate house c. 1708   Method Eat some dark chocolate Wh…   Read More

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Aloe and honey cough remedy Aloe is bitter but the honey makes this quite palatable, making it easier to take your medicine. Particularly good for a dry cough. Aloe succotrino, Gu…   Read More

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Zingiber officinale Ginger cayenne tea - herbal cough remedy Think of this as sort of a natural theraflu-type concotion (non-drowsy formula). Obviously, the cayenne pepper isn…   Read More


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  • Soothing for cough
    mix equal portions of honey, lemon and olive oil. Warm a tablespoon full in the microwave (gently) and sip. Very soothing.... Read Full Post
  • Home remedies for cough and cold
    There are several naturally available herbs that can help in curing cough; the following is a list of some of the most effective ones- The herb lobelia is considered to be... Read Full Post
  • Home remedies for cough in children
    Infections like cough and cold in children, though not dangerous, can be a cause of a lot of stress to parents. The following home remedies, however, can help you chase these ... Read Full Post
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Cough Definition

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A cough is the body's way of cleaning its airways. It is a natural reflex to irritants and even though a cough can be annoying or a sign of illness it is a necessary function. A cough is classified by how long it lasts: an acute cough lasts up to three weeks; 3-8 weeks is subacute; more than 8 weeks is considered chronic. Common causes of a cough are colds, respiratory infections, irritations by airborne particles, asthma and acid reflux (GERD). Home remedies can provide short-term relief, strengthen the respiratory system and help to remedy the cause of a cough. However, if you have a cough that lasts beyond three weeks you should definitely counsult a doctor.


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